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Jack’s House

LFO FTW!  This track has some seriously angry bass movements warbling along to a sick 2-step beat.  With a debut album coming out on Cheap Thrills in early 2009 everyone has their eyes on Jack Beats.  Gaining massive success through a string of top not releases including the monster remix of AC Slater‘s ‘Jack Got Jacked’ last year, its time for a full release filled with original heaters.  Here, Jack Beat’s remixes ‘What!’ by Dynamite MC.″

DL: Dynamite MC – What! (Jack Beats Remix) 128kbps


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I have been listening to this tune since its release on 12″ in March.  Sickest track DZ has written to date.  A remix of Morcheeba’s “World Looking In, ” the song delivers on every front: hard hitting drums, intense sweeping basslines, and perfectly cut up vocals.″

DL: Morcheeba – World Looking In (DZ Remix)

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Can Someone Say “Big Room Banger?”


New track out today Flashback from our boy Wolfgang Gartner.  This guy is pure gold.  Anything he touches turns into it.  I’m loving this track for its laid back drums, a disco-groovin bass guitar, the straight crunk bassline in true Gartner style, and some funky ass vox.  This is the shit you play at 4am when the party is in full swing.  Panties being thrown in the air will follow.  This would also sound good in a bangin car system.  Cruise slow.  Solid release Mr. Gartner.  Once again.″

DL: Wolfgang Gartner – Flashback

And for good measure…″

DL: Wolfgang Gartner – Montezuma

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