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Miles To Go

One of the best producers out there right now, Miles Dyson, graces us with another amazing house-breaks-electro stomper remix Rubber Man.  I can’t count the number of releases hes had or gigs hes booked for in 2009 because there are to many.  This guys kills it and this track has dominated the dancefloor more than once for me.″

DL: Jude Sebastian – Rubber Man (Miles Dyson Remix)

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Jack’s House

LFO FTW!  This track has some seriously angry bass movements warbling along to a sick 2-step beat.  With a debut album coming out on Cheap Thrills in early 2009 everyone has their eyes on Jack Beats.  Gaining massive success through a string of top not releases including the monster remix of AC Slater‘s ‘Jack Got Jacked’ last year, its time for a full release filled with original heaters.  Here, Jack Beat’s remixes ‘What!’ by Dynamite MC.″

DL: Dynamite MC – What! (Jack Beats Remix) 128kbps

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On a Benda, Yeah?

Swen Weber is one of my favorite electro producers because he consistently puts out roughneck, rudeboi, bashment house music.   Lytz, aka Tobias Lützenkirchen one of the best minimal techno producers to date, hit it big with the original track ‘3 Days Awake.’  The remix is what you would expect from Weber: a sick track with a grinding bassline for those sweet peak hour moments.″

DL: Lytz – 3 Days Awake (Swen Weber Remix)

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Ghetto Blaster

Here is a forthcoming tune on DJ Dan’s label In Stereo from superstar Tim Healey.  This track is heavy, grinding, tribal electro.  I can’t stop listening to it and will certainly get the 320 when its released soon on Beatport.  Watch out for Tim Healey in 2009, he will be making serious moves.″

DL: Tim Healey – Ghetto Blaster (Underground Mix)

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This chick is on fire!  Garnering support from a long list of big names such as Lee Mortimer, Calvertron, Rico Tubbs, JELO, Jacksaw, and The Bulgarian, WoNK has exploded into the fidget house scene.  Recently signed to Bryan Cox’s Crux record label there is no end in sight for this fidget diva.  She has remixed tracks by AC Slater, Kyle Watson and more, and has a handfull of forthcoming material on numerous labels.  Check out her newest offering, a remix of Frederik Mooij‘s track ‘Werd.’  Frederik has some great productions of his own, and is co-founder of the label Loud Room Recordings.  Check out ‘Sounds Are Not What They Seem’ on his Myspace.  Also, peep the bootleg remix of Kris Kross’s anthem ‘Jump.’″

DL: Frederik Mooij – Werd (WoNK Remix)    (128KBPS)″

DL: WoNK vs. Kris Kross – Jump

If you like this music, please buy it on Beatport.

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Out In the Streets…

One of the most important PC games of all time and a foundation to my modern gaming abuse, Commander Keen, as a title turns 19 this year.    In other news, Dopefish (from CK Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle) drops a brand new EP on Dopefish Audio.  Three remixes of the classic track Jamrock by Damian Marley do not disappoint.  There is something for everyone with a breaks, fidget, and dubstep mix of the song.″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Breaks Mix)″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Hungry Jack in the House Mix)″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Dopestep Mix)

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Give Me One Good Reso!

Reso is one of my favorite dubstep producers.  Here are two tracks from the man.  ‘If Ya Can’t Beat Em’ was released earlier this month and his remix of Mike Lennon‘s track ‘Brass Eye’ is an older track but still very wicked.  As a side note, be on the look out for Mike Lennon’s remix of Bar 9‘s track ‘Murda Sound’ to be relased in early 2009!″

DL: Reso – If Ya Can’t Beat Em″

DL: Mike Lennon – Brass Eye (Reso Remix)

If you like this music, please buy it on Beatp0rt.

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