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Out In the Streets…

One of the most important PC games of all time and a foundation to my modern gaming abuse, Commander Keen, as a title turns 19 this year.    In other news, Dopefish (from CK Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle) drops a brand new EP on Dopefish Audio.  Three remixes of the classic track Jamrock by Damian Marley do not disappoint.  There is something for everyone with a breaks, fidget, and dubstep mix of the song.″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Breaks Mix)″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Hungry Jack in the House Mix)″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Dopestep Mix)

If you like this music, buy it on Beatport.


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NAPT has been on absolute fire recently and was nominated for Best Producer at Breakspoll 2008.  A few of their tracks are in my current rotation and here is a brand spankin’ new one featuring MC Skibadee.  Sure to be a go-to track for any big room moment.″

DL:  NAPT – The Rollers feat. Skibadee

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