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Jack’s House

LFO FTW!  This track has some seriously angry bass movements warbling along to a sick 2-step beat.  With a debut album coming out on Cheap Thrills in early 2009 everyone has their eyes on Jack Beats.  Gaining massive success through a string of top not releases including the monster remix of AC Slater‘s ‘Jack Got Jacked’ last year, its time for a full release filled with original heaters.  Here, Jack Beat’s remixes ‘What!’ by Dynamite MC.″

DL: Dynamite MC – What! (Jack Beats Remix) 128kbps


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This chick is on fire!  Garnering support from a long list of big names such as Lee Mortimer, Calvertron, Rico Tubbs, JELO, Jacksaw, and The Bulgarian, WoNK has exploded into the fidget house scene.  Recently signed to Bryan Cox’s Crux record label there is no end in sight for this fidget diva.  She has remixed tracks by AC Slater, Kyle Watson and more, and has a handfull of forthcoming material on numerous labels.  Check out her newest offering, a remix of Frederik Mooij‘s track ‘Werd.’  Frederik has some great productions of his own, and is co-founder of the label Loud Room Recordings.  Check out ‘Sounds Are Not What They Seem’ on his Myspace.  Also, peep the bootleg remix of Kris Kross’s anthem ‘Jump.’″

DL: Frederik Mooij – Werd (WoNK Remix)    (128KBPS)″

DL: WoNK vs. Kris Kross – Jump

If you like this music, please buy it on Beatport.

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Lemon Head

An oldie but goodie here.  Crookers remix of Clark Able‘s ‘Lemon Head.’  It sounds like they lifted a riff from a Metalica song.″

DL: Clark Able – Lemon Head (Crookers Remix)

If you like this music, please buy it on Beatport.

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More Fidgety Goodness


Two brand new tracks to quench your fidget thirst.  No rookie bullshit here, both tracks produced and remixed by fidget maestros.  Check it.″

DL: Dubjack – This Sound (Breakdown Remix) (128KBPS)″

DL: Elite Force – Here Come the Flow (Heavy Feet Mix)

If you like these tracks, please buy them on Beatport.

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Chasing the Dragon


The first tune ‘Opium’ is a great example of a tune that is completely blurring the boundaries between genres.  This type of creativity is something I always look for and love to stumble across randomly when selecting music.  With ‘motherfucking Rudder on the remix,’ the tune mashes bassline, electro, and dubstep into one six minute saga.  Rudder has been making big moves in the past year and their twisted and goofy style of house music (proudly referred to as “Drunken House”) is a refreshing change, and is guaranteed to have you dancing with a smile on your face, and a drink in your hand.″

DL: Calvertron – Opium (Rudder Remix)

I’ll post a brand new Calvertron remix as well since we are on the subject.  Dirty Freek does the duty here, using samples from the track ‘Can’t Deny It’ by Fabolous and Nate Dogg.  Its pretty sick, and keep your eyes open for upcoming releases from DF.″

DL: Calvertron & Kieran Brindley – Click Click (Dirty Freek Remix)

If you like them, please purchase both of these tracks on Beatport.

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Baile Crizzunk


Portuguese producer/dj DJ Manaia is the baile funk don dadda.  Check out this little rave gem.   A genuine face-melter.″

DL: Buraka Som Sistema – Kurum (DJ Manaia remix)

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5 Fidgety Twitchers

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