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Back to 89

Here are some throwback tunes that still do the trick.  Enjoy.″

DL: Attack & Chunk – Down Low Radio (Curtis B. Remix)″

DL: Underworld – Ring Road (Fake Blood Remix)″

DL: Noisia – Gutterpump″

DL: Ninelinves The Cat – Vicious (Rico Tubbs Remix)″

DL: AC Slater – Vertigo (Jaksaw Remix)

and my most rinsed out tune of ’08…″

DL: Skynet UK – Back to 89 (Calvertron Remix)

If you want to see some amazing dancing to the previous track, check out this youtube video below..

If you like what you hear, please buy these tracks on Beatport.


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Miles To Go

One of the best producers out there right now, Miles Dyson, graces us with another amazing house-breaks-electro stomper remix Rubber Man.  I can’t count the number of releases hes had or gigs hes booked for in 2009 because there are to many.  This guys kills it and this track has dominated the dancefloor more than once for me.″

DL: Jude Sebastian – Rubber Man (Miles Dyson Remix)

If you like this music, please buy it on Beatport.

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Out In the Streets…

One of the most important PC games of all time and a foundation to my modern gaming abuse, Commander Keen, as a title turns 19 this year.    In other news, Dopefish (from CK Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle) drops a brand new EP on Dopefish Audio.  Three remixes of the classic track Jamrock by Damian Marley do not disappoint.  There is something for everyone with a breaks, fidget, and dubstep mix of the song.″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Breaks Mix)″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Hungry Jack in the House Mix)″

DL: Dopefish – They Call it Murder (Dopestep Mix)

If you like this music, buy it on Beatport.

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Baile Crizzunk


Portuguese producer/dj DJ Manaia is the baile funk don dadda.  Check out this little rave gem.   A genuine face-melter.″

DL: Buraka Som Sistema – Kurum (DJ Manaia remix)

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NAPT has been on absolute fire recently and was nominated for Best Producer at Breakspoll 2008.  A few of their tracks are in my current rotation and here is a brand spankin’ new one featuring MC Skibadee.  Sure to be a go-to track for any big room moment.″

DL:  NAPT – The Rollers feat. Skibadee

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