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Give Me One Good Reso!

Reso is one of my favorite dubstep producers.  Here are two tracks from the man.  ‘If Ya Can’t Beat Em’ was released earlier this month and his remix of Mike Lennon‘s track ‘Brass Eye’ is an older track but still very wicked.  As a side note, be on the look out for Mike Lennon’s remix of Bar 9‘s track ‘Murda Sound’ to be relased in early 2009!″

DL: Reso – If Ya Can’t Beat Em″

DL: Mike Lennon – Brass Eye (Reso Remix)

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Can you hear Zee music?

I definitely want to give Z Audio a nod here, because they are experts on releasing a variety of musical styles.  They have put out drum and bass, house, breaks, and dubstep all under the Z Audio stamp.  That is something you don’t see very often with labels.  Released back in November, the ‘Coming to Represent Part 1 EP’ features dubstep smashers from label wonderboys Hektagon, Bar 9, Quantum Soul, and Riskotheque.  Hektagon and Bar 9 throw down two diesel bangers with Quantum Soul and Riskotheque pitching in some bassy rollers.″

DL: Bar 9 – Bakin Bread″

DL: Hektagon – Finders Keepers″

DL: Quantum Soul – Babylon Keep Down″

DL: Riskotheque – Def Disco

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Lemon Head

An oldie but goodie here.  Crookers remix of Clark Able‘s ‘Lemon Head.’  It sounds like they lifted a riff from a Metalica song.″

DL: Clark Able – Lemon Head (Crookers Remix)

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Preview these tracks for yourself and let me know.  They sound like Nu-Disco and French house to me.  What I can say is that the NASA remix is nasty.  Any song with a driving slap bass guitar and organ/strings will make me write something nice about it.  Straight outta Studio 54.″

DL: Futurecop! – NASA (Cryptonites Remix)″

DL: Futurecop! – As Seen on TV

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Go Fukkk Ya Hand


At first when I saw there were remixes of ‘Rave is King’ by Fukkk Offf, I was skeptical.  The original song is so good I thought how could it get any better.  Then I noticed exactly who was on remix duty and I decided to give it a whirl.  Le Castle Vania‘s remix of ‘Rave is King’ is awesome.  It makes me want to get up, get drunk, do drugs, shift into overdrive, and rave out for 3 days straight.  I’ll post Zero Machine as well becasue the song kicks serious ass as well.  And its my favorite Pumpkins song.″

DL: Fukkk Offf – Rave is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)″

DL: Le Castle Vania – Zero Machine

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More Fidgety Goodness


Two brand new tracks to quench your fidget thirst.  No rookie bullshit here, both tracks produced and remixed by fidget maestros.  Check it.″

DL: Dubjack – This Sound (Breakdown Remix) (128KBPS)″

DL: Elite Force – Here Come the Flow (Heavy Feet Mix)

If you like these tracks, please buy them on Beatport.

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Saxon Massif!


The sound quality of this track isn’t great because it was ripped from a live show.  However, the track itself is awesome.  This is still unreleased but I wanted to share it because it is something I am eagerly awaiting to become available to the public.  Chase & Status are as good at producting dubstep as they are at drum and bass.  A sure floorburner here.″

DL: Chase & Status – Saxon

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